Donor Egg Program Financial Information

The chart below lists the current prices for the Charlottesville, VA Donor Egg program. While we make every attempt to keep our web site current, prices are subject to change without notice. If you have questions about our donor egg program, please call.

Package Price for Egg Donation (Prices Subject to Change)

EGG DONATION CYCLE $17,950 to be paid to RMSCVA
DONOR MEDICATIONS $2,000 - $4,000  (varies)
$150/$695     (if remaining embryos to freeze)
EMBRYO STORAGE (per quarter/per year; quarterly/annual option will be given after initial quarterly storage expires) $150/$500     (if remaining embryos to freeze)
ICSI (sperm injection) $1,750 (if needed)

The Egg Donation Cycle Package Includes:

  • All office visits, ultrasound monitoring & estradliol blood testing during stimulation
  • Donor screening (genetic evaluation, infectious disease testing, psychological evaluation/counseling session)
  • Donor compensation of $4,000
  • Donor matching
  • Anesthesia
  • Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer
  • Embryology (egg and embryo laboratory care) and Andrology (sperm) services
  • All eggs retrieved go to the couple to be used or cryopreserved (Some programs only allow patients/couples a limited number of the eggs retrieved-for instance 8 or 10. We do not do this which maximizes your chances of success.)

*Due to significant time, effort and expense involved in donor matching there is a $1,000 non-refundable administrative fee associated once you have agreed to a donor match.  This fee is merely applied toward your egg donation cycle package and does not increase the total cost. However, if you withdraw from program after being matched (with a mutually agreed upon donor) this fee will be applied toward your donor egg package if you return within one year. If you decide to withdraw after being matched with a donor and do not return within one year this fee is not refunded.

A separate check for donor insurance in the amount of $195, made out to New Life Agency, is required prior to the donor starting medications. This will be required for every egg donor cycle.

*For canceled cycles there is a reimbursement fee to be paid to the donor for each ultrasound and blood test she received as well as fees related to the monitoring of the donor and recipient; however, the majority of the $4,000 donor compensation can be applied to another attempt with same/different donor.

*In the rare circumstance that a donor has an egg retrieval and no eggs are obtained, the donor is still compensated the full fee.  Payment of the fee is the responsibility of the intended egg recipient.  If you elect to undergo a new donor cycle, the amount due for the new cycle would be another $4,000 for the compensation to the donor.  Other fees may be required for the new cycle.

Financing Options:

  • IVF Donor Egg “Success or Refund Program”
  • Prepayment (we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover)
  • We accept most major insurance plans that cover IVF
  • Talk with the Practice Manager regarding other payment options

The fee for a donor IVF cycle must be paid before treatment can be scheduled.  The package above is a discounted price for patients who prepay the entire fee before treatment. RMSCVA also offers a “IVF Success or Refund Program”. 

Certain couples may qualify for free medication through EMD Serono’s Compassionate Care program.  This is available to US citizens or permanent residents that qualify based on certain income considerations.  For more information and/or application, please call Fertility LifeLines @ 1-866-538-7879.

Jody Halloran is the Practice Manager and is glad to assist with any financial questions and planning for IVF.  She can be reached at (434)654-8520.

Many of the expenses incurred in this treatment may be tax deductible and information is available in IRS Publication 17 – “Your Federal Income Tax” and IRS Publication 502 “Medical and Dental Expenses”.  Certain medical expenses may be deducted if you itemize on Schedule A (Form 1040).  Deductions which apply to IVF are:

  • Fees for fertility enhancement (procedures such as in vitro fertilization, including temporary storage of eggs and sperm)
  • Fees for doctors and surgeons (sonograms, egg retrieval, anesthesia)
  • Fees for hospital services, laboratory, surgical, obstetrical, nursing and x-ray services (blood tests, sperm evaluation)
  • Cost of transportation for needed medical care (air fare, mileage -22 cents/mile for 2006-  or out of pocket expenses –cost of gas, oil- not including general maintenance expenses)
  • Medical and hospital insurance premiums
  • Prescribed medicine (all IVF drugs)
  • Lodging necessary for medical treatment ($50/night per person – limited to two people – the person receiving treatment and a companion)