Blockage of the Fallopian Tubes

Tubal Reversal Surgery Options

Fallopian tube obstruction at the uterine cornua (interstitial oviduct region-where the tube comes off of the uterus) is a recognized cause of infertility. In the past, fallopian tube obstruction has been treated with major surgery with cornual reanastomosis as “state of the art” therapy. Tubal Tubal Reversalligation reversal is usually treated as an outpatient surgery. Most insurance does not cover the cost which is $5926, however we do offer a tubal reversal money back guarantee. Be sure to visit our tubal reversal Website.

The current technique to treat proximal tubal obstruction (obstruction of the fallopian tube where it joins the uterus) is a minimally invasive technique using a specially adapted catheter system. Simultaneous laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are performed. These are very delicate procedures that should be performed by a reproductive surgeon, infertility specialist. Great care must be taken to avoid scarring or otherwise damaging the fallopian tubes.

The laparoscopic surgeon, fertility specialist, straightens the isthmic region of the fallopian tube with a triaxial catheter system consisting of an inner, platinum tipped wire, a 5 French catheter and a 3 French catheter. The system is serially advanced into the interstitial fallopian tube until the tube is open.

This procedure requires training in advanced operative hysteroscopy which Dr. Williams, Dr. Bateman and Dr. Smith have received. This procedure to open the fallopian tubes replaces a major abdominal surgery and its effectiveness is comparable. You can come in and go home the same day from this procedure.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fallopian tube cannot be repaired even with this very delicate surgery, so it is necessary to do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to “bypass” the fallopian tubes. This can be the case if the tube is blocked either at the beginning (proximal) or sometimes even if the distal tube (the end where the fimbria are) is blocked. Your doctor will talk to you about whether fallopian tube blockage can be repaired with surgery or not.