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Financial Assistance with Egg Fund

We have partnered with Egg Fund to make loan options available to our patients.

EggFund’s Fertility Loans

Started by an infertility survivor, EggFund helps the 1 in 8 Americans with infertility afford their dream
of having a family.

EggFund has the largest network of vetted fertility lenders, who provide you pre-approved loan offers.

EggFund gives you more choices, so you can find the best loan for you—all in one place.

Loans can cover all aspects of the treatment process including, testing, and medication, agency,
attorney and storage fees.

Loan features:
• Loan amounts up to $100,000
• Minimum FICO score of 600
• Choose any provider: clinic, pharmacy or agency
• APRs from 3.84% – 35.99%*
• Quick and simple one single page application.
• Less than 60 seconds to see if you are pre-approved
• No impact to your credit score for seeing your options
• No Fee from EggFund (lender may charge a fee depending on lender’s policy)

*The APR you will be qualified for is based on your own credit worthiness and lender’s underwriting
criteria. Other fees may apply depending on the lender, check your offer.

EggFund saves you time and stress, so you can focus on building your family.

For more information, or to apply, visit
Contact us at (877) 470-4877 or

Prosper Healthcare Lending Affordable Fertility Loans

Details available on our Prosper Portal

Qualifications: Recommended minimum credit score of 640

Contact: For more information, or to apply, visit

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Ally Lending: Prequalification Form

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