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Frozen Donor Egg Recipient

Beginning around 2014, frozen donor egg banks opened in the U.S. when a new freezing method, called vitrification, was shown to be highly successful. Freezing eggs is now a common procedure and there has been a huge shift away from fresh egg donation to frozen donor eggs mostly due to convenience. There are pluses and minuses to the choice of fresh versus frozen eggs and it requires a one-hour consult with one of our physicians to determine which is the best choice for you.

Fresh Donor Egg Recipient

The Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia has had a donor egg program located in Charlottesville, VA for over 20 years.  Our IVF/Donor success rates are highly successful, exceeding the national average.

Some women are unable to conceive using their own eggs.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, including related decline in ovarian function, age, premature ovarian failure, or diminished ovarian function.  If a woman has a uterus and is no older than 50 years, she may be eligible for the donor egg program.  This is a confidential, anonymous program.  We rigorously screen potential donors for infectious diseases, genetic disorders in her family, and psychological issues.  Our donors are recruited by our egg donor IVF coordinator, Stephanie Barrix, R.N.  (

The recipient couple must meet with a counselor who will discuss the many complex issues surrounding egg donation.  We feel strongly that this is necessary before we will match a donor with a recipient couple.

Recruiting donors is a challenge because it requires dedication, determination and commitment to begin and complete the entire screening and donation process.  Due to the greater demand for egg donors than available young women desiring and qualified to be an egg donor, there is usually a waiting list.  As a recipient couple, you may know someone that could possibly be a “known” donor for you, like a friend or family member.  Feel free to discuss this option with our nurse coordinator.  We facilitate the screening of known donors in the same way as anonymous ones.

We do extensive screening of our potential egg donors that follows and exceeds FDA guidelines.  It includes a counseling session with a therapist experienced in the issues of egg donation.  An appointment with a geneticist is also required.  The geneticist will review in detail the donor’s personal and family medical history.  An examination by our physician is done, as well as extensive infectious disease screening.

Contact Us With Your Questions

Please contact us to get started with Egg Donor IVF at our center or to answer any questions you may have:

Stephanie Barrix (Egg Donor IVF Coordinator)

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